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Schedule for Exam and Test-runs:

General Information on the Exams

Due to the pandemic, the exams will take place online in ILIAS and are supervised via Zoom.

To ascertain that everything works fine, we offer a test-run for each exam, in which you can make yourself familiar with the technicalities. We highly urge you to participate in the test-run so that all technical issues can be tackled before the exam. Please prepare yourself in a way that we can simulate a real exam (active camera in Zoom, working on laptop/PC, having installed programs to read/write word files etc., see below). The test-run is only a test-run for all technical issues – the test exam that you get will not contain any content questions.

There will be an identity verification before the exam/test-run. Please make sure to arrive in Zoom 30 minutes before the exam/test-run starts so that we can start punctually.

At the latest two days before the exam/test-run, you should have received an information e-mail with the Zoom link and password, and you should have been added to the respective ILIAS exam folder at the latest one day in advance. If this is not the case, please contact Andreas Kammerlander at andreas.kammerlander[at] (for the exam “The Economics of Information and Media”) or Nikita Zakharov at nikita.zakharov[at] (for the exam “The Economics of Corruption”). Please put our secretary Judith Müller (nikita.zakharov[at] in the Cc field.


More Detailed Information on the Exams

How exactly will the exam take place?

The exams are upload exams with video supervision. Via ILIAS, you will get a (Word) document with the exam questions, which you have to answer on your computer and upload as a PDF file on ILIAS. Please make sure that you have installed a program that is able to read and edit Word documents and is also able to convert them into PDF.

How do you get access to the ILIAS exam folder?

All students that have registered for the exam will be added to the respective ILIAS course. There, you can download the necessary material for the exam and will have to upload your answers in a PDF file.

What technical devices do you need?

You need one device (e.g. a laptop or desktop computer) to answer the exam questions and another one with a camera (e.g. a smartphone or tablet) for the video supervision. You need to be online in Zoom with an active camera throughout the whole time of the exam. Please place your camera such that we can see your face, the hands, the work surface of the table and the PC/Laptop.

You find more practical information on upload exams and how to place your camera in the information sheet below. Please read this document carefully in advance.

How does the identity verification take place?
When entering the Zoom-Meeting, you will have to wait in the waiting room. We will then let students individually into the zoom for the identity verification. For this purpose, just like in the normal in-person exams, please have your student IDs and passport ready. Similar to in-person exams, the setup may take a while. Please make sure to arrive in zoom 30 minutes before the exam so that we can conduct the identity verification before the exam time starts.


Information sheet on Online Exams with video supervision

English version

Deutsche Version