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Courses from other universities are recognized if they adequately correspond to the level and scope of the courses offered by our chair.

If the scope is less than we usually do, the courses can still be recognized, but with a lower number of ECTS (courses at the University of Basel, for example, are often offered with 3 ECTS. If they are equivalent, we also count 3 ECTS).

In terms of content, it may well be different courses, but they should be related to economics and not fall within the competence of another colleague (for example, we do not offer "Feminist Economics", but we would credit it if the level is appropriate).



Our department offers courses in the following areas:

  • Macroeconomic policy
  • Political Economy and International Political Economy
  • Foreign economic theory and policy (International Economics)
  • Environmental and Resource Economics
  • Development Economics

Courses from other areas of economics or from other degree programs are usually revised by the appropriate colleagues (e.g. business administration, political science ...)

Formal Requirement

As a rule, only master's courses are credited for the master's degree (M. Sc. In Economics, M.Sc. in Economics), for the bachelor's degree, bachelor's courses are considered (and of course also master's courses).

The requirement level of the course to be recognized must adequately correspond to our course level. Courses from well-known universities usually have a good chance of being credited.

These are basic rules; An individual review and decision will follow for each individual case.


A clear certificate of performance must be provided; the individual performance must be proven by an individual performance examination. The exam must be passed.


Courses at other universities can be counted as seminars in the master's program if the following requirements are met:

  • The course must require a clear, individualized certificate of performance; this must be passed. Group evaluations are not counted as a seminar.
  • A term paper of around 15-20 pages is to be written individually.
  • The course requires an understanding of relevant articles about the respective topic. It should correspond to the level of the literature used in the chair´s seminars.