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Application term The respective deadlines are 01.02.; 01.05.; 01.08.; 01.11.
Begin of completion period Possible from admission; mandatory within three months. A later beginning may be possible after consultation.
Scope of application E-Mail with transcript of records.
Prerequisites Interest in our chair's field of work, dedication, good grades, successful participation in our courses (especially seminars),
Field work Possible, if scientificly relevant.
Theoretical / Empirical Theses Empirical and theoretical theses with scientific relevance and critical point of view.
  • Development Economics
  • Terrorism
  • Economics of Conflict
  • Environmental and Resource Economics
  • International Economics
  • Politcal Economy
  • Corruption
  • Theses with regional focus on Southeast Asia

Further subjects possible after consultation

Annotations For further information contact our secretary Ms Müller.