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40 Gerrit J. Gonschorek Rules versus Discretion: Empirical Evidence from Indonesia’s Intergovernmental Transfer System Januar 2021
39 Andreas Kammerlander / Günther G. Schulze Political-economic Correlates of Environmental Policy Mai 2020
38 Gerrit J. Gonschorek Subnational Favoritism in Development Grant Allocations – Empirical Evidence from Decentralized Indonesia Februar 2020
37 Gan Jin Circle of Fortune: The Long Term Impact of Western Customs Institutions in China Juli 2018
36 Gerrit J. Gonschorek / Bambang Suharnoko Sjahrir/
Günther G. Schulze
To the ones in need or the ones you need? The Political Economy of Central Discretionary
Grants − Empirical Evidence from Indonesia
Januar 2018 PDF
35 Olga Orlanski / Günther G. Schulze The Determinants of Islamophobia – An Empirical Analysis of the Swiss Minaret Referendum Januar 2018 PDF
34 Premachandra Athukorala China’s evolving role in global production networks: Implications for Trump’s trade war Juni 2017 PDF
33 Nikita Zakharov Does Corruption Hinder Investment? Evidence from Russian Regions February 2017 PDF
32 Hanno Dihle Real Options in a Ramsey style growth model Dezember 2015 PDF
31 Haryo Aswicahyono / Hal Hill

Is Indonesia Trapped in the Middle?

August 2015 PDF
30 Julia A. Barde

How to Improve Access to Piped Water in Rural Areas? Evidence from User Associations in Brazil

Dezember 2014 PDF
29 Oliver Landmann

EMU and the Cyclical Behavior of Fiscal Policy: A Suggested Interpretation

August 2014 PDF
28 Julia A. Barde / Juliana Walkiewicz

Access to Piped Water and Human Capital Formation - Evidence from Brazilian Primary Schools

Juli 2014 PDF
27 Oliver Landmann

Short‐Run Macro After the Crisis: The End of the “New” Neoclassical Synthesis?

Januar 2014 PDF
26 Hal Hill

Is There a Southeast Asian Development Model?

Januar 2014 PDF
25 Krisztina Kis-Katos / Bambang Suharnoko Sjahrir

The impact of fiscal and political decentralization on local public investments in Indonesia

Januar 2014 PDF
24 Bambang Suharnoko Sjahrir / Krisztina Kis-Katos / Günther G. Schulze Administrative overspending in Indonesian districts: The role of local politics Juli 2013 PDF
23 Bambang Suharnoko Sjahrir / Krisztina Kis-Katos / Günther G. Schulze Political Business Cycles in Local Indonesia April 2013 PDF
22 Günther G. Schulze / Bambang Suharnoko Sjahrir / Nikita Zakharov Corruption in Russia März 2013 PDF
21 Antonio Farfán-Vallespín Decentralization as Unbundling of Public Goods Provision - New Effects of Decentralization
on Efficiency and Electoral Control
November 2012 PDF
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18 Cut Dian R.D. Agustina / Wolfgang Fengler / Günther G. Schulze The Regional Impact of Indonesia's Fiscal Policy on Oil and Gas - Options for Reform November 2011 PDF
17 Jorge Hargrave / Krisztina Kis-Katos

Economic Causes of Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon: A Panel Data Analysis for the 2000s

November 2011 PDF
16 Carolin Kleber

Gestaltungskriterien für ein Folgeabkommen zum Kyoto‐Protokoll – Eine ökonomische Analyse des globalen Klimaschutzes

Juli 2011 PDF
15 Christian von Luebke Democracy in Progress – or Oligarchy in Disguise? The Politics of Decentralized Governance in Post‐Suharto Indonesia Juli 2011 PDF
14 Joachim Fünfgelt / Günther G. Schulze Endogenous Environmental Policy when Pollution is Transboundary Februar 2011 PDF
13 Neil McCulloch / Günther G. Schulze / Janina Voss What Determines Firms' Decisions to Formalize? November 2010 PDF

Krisztina Kis-Katos / Helge Liebert / Günther G. Schulze

On the Origin of Domestic and International Terrorism September 2010 PDF
11 Kristof Dascher Homeowner-made Housing Price Bubbles - East Germany's Example - Februar 2010 PDF
10 Hannes Koppel / Günther G. Schulze On the Channels of Pro-Social Behavior - Evidence from a natural field experiment Januar 2010 PDF
9 Oliver Landmann EMU@10: Coping with Rotating Slumps Juli 2009 PDF
8 Krisztina Kis-Katos / Robert Sparrow Child work and schooling under trade liberalization in Indonesia Mai 2009 PDF
7 Mathias Czaika The Political Economy of Refugee Migration Januar 2009 PDF
6 Günther G.Schulze / Susanne Warning / Christian Wiermann What and how long does it take to get tenure? The Case of Economics and Business Administration in Austria, Germany and Switzerland? Juli 2008 PDF


Mathias Czaika / Amy Mayer

Refugee movements and aid responsiveness.

April 2008


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Günther G.Schulze / Susanne Warning / Christian Wiermann

Zeitschriftenrankings für die Wirtschaftswissenschaften: Konstruktion eines umfassenden Metaindexes. März 2008 PDF
2 Hannes Koppel / Günther G. Schulze Inefficient but effective? A field experiment on the effectiveness of direct and indirect transfer mechanisms. Februar 2008 PDF


Erik E. Lehmann / Günther G. Schulze

What does it take to be a star? The role of performance and the media for German soccer players.

Dezember 2007